My favorite app to receive FREE money while doing your normal grocery shopping?


Ibotta can be used on both iPhone and Android!

So far, I have earned over $50 just by buying groceries!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Download the app – Ibotta.

Step 2

Enter this referral code “bbekfki” and receive an additional $10 once you redeem your first rebate! Or use this link here.

Step 3

Start shopping! There are rebates for grocery stores such as Target, Safeway, Walmart, etc! There are even stores like Joan Fabrics, Krispy Kreme, the Gap, and J. Crew! You can also open online apps through Ibotta to get rebates from Groupon, Amazon, and Hotels.com! To find specific items, you can search for retailers and rebates on the app as well as browse through categories to find what you want (travel, pharmacy, clothing, restaurants and bars, home, electronics, gas stations, mobile shopping, etc). If you are already at the store and curious if an item has a rebate, you can scan it with the scanner in the app!

Step 4

KEEP YOUR RECEIPT! Open up the app and click on the rebates that you want to redeem. You will then scan the bar code of the item AND your receipt with your phone to redeem your rebate.

Step 5

Once you have earned at least $20, you can charge it out! You can receive your money earned through PayPal, Venmo, or a gift card such as Amazon, Uber, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Regal Movie Theater, Old Navy, Applebee’s, Starbucks, etc!


I love this app because you are literally getting FREE money back!