The Perfect 7-Day Itinerary for Switzerland

Switzerland – the land of the enchanting alps, adorable cows, remarkable yodelers, scrumptious cheese, and delicious chocolate!

At least those were the things I was looking forward to the most when my boyfriend told me that he bought us tickets to travel to Switzerland for 7 full days!

One week did not seem like enough time once we started looking in to all the whimsical towns and breath-taking scenery we could be blessed to explore! Thankfully, Switzerland is a very small country and the train system is incredible!

Swiss Travel Pass

Before we began our journey, we did pre-purchase the Swiss Travel Pass online. This was a life-savor! With this pass, we were able to travel by train to almost every location we wanted to go! It also provides you discounted prices for the smaller railways that would have otherwise cost a fortune! Boats and buses are also included in the Swiss Travel Pass. Was it worth the price? ABSOLUTELY! And it saved so much time from having to purchase each ticket at the station individually; you can literally just hop on any train (or boat and bus) without a problem! The other perk is that it allows you free entrance to over 400 museums across the country. I would highly recommend purchasing a Swiss Travel Pass!

Day 1: Lucerne –

Our flight landed in Zurich around 8am. Navigating this airport was a breeze! We were out of the airport and into the transportation station in no time at all! After a quick breakfast in the food court area, we boarded our first Swiss train to take us to Lucerne! It was only a 45-minute train ride to Lucerne from Zurich. We were amazed at all the beautiful views already! Everything was so green! A tip for the train: the stops are QUICK! Pay attention to the names of the stations as you pull in so that you are ready!

Read about our day spent in Lucerne.

Day 2 – 4: Interlaken Area –

We took the train from Lucerne to Interlaken which was about a 2-hour train ride. Once again, the scenery was incredibly breathtaking! We decided on staying in Interlaken for 3 days to explore the Jungfrau Region.  We also included Bern as a ½ day trip since it was only 45-minutes from Interlaken. This part of our trip was my favorite, I loved being in the Alps!

Read about our stay in the Jungfrau Region.

Day 5: Chillon Castle and Geneva –

Everyone loves the movie the Little Mermaid, right? I know I do! Which is why I HAD to visit the Chillon Castle! This is the castle that inspired the castle design for the movie. Our train route was Interlaken – Bern- Laussane – Montreaux. The trains run like clock worth so we were able to just hop from one to the other without having a long wait in between! So convenient!

Once we arrived in Monteaux, we boarded the city bus that dropped us off right at the castle’s entrance. Here’s another perk to the Swiss Pass – free entrance to the castle! There thankfully was an area to keep our bags in a locker for only $1 deposit. It was very interesting walking through the castle! It’s astonishing to think that people used to live there! We explored the castle for at least an hour if not a little more!

Afterwards, we ate a quick lunch before boarding a bus to take us back to the train station. We then took the train from Montreux to Geneva. The entire ride you are along Lake Geneva! Make sure to get a window seat on the lake side!

It was around 5pm when we stepped off the train in Geneva. Our hotel was right near train station so we did not have to walk far. We dropped off our bags and walked around for a bit and found a bite to eat. We did not stay out long. Once it began to get dark out we started to notice groups of young men just standing around watching the tourists and it was a little un-nerving. This was the first time in Switzerland that I did not feel comfortable. We called it an early night so that we could get a good night’s sleeps before exploring the city the next day. If I were to return to Geneva, I would more likely stay in the ‘Old Town” instead of right near the train station. It did not seem like a safe area once night fell.

Day 6: Geneva –

Today we explored the beautiful city of Geneva! We liked it much more during the day! We crossed the bridge to the “Old Town” which we loved! So much charm and history!

Our first stop was to visit the St. Pierre’s Cathedral (or St. Peter’s Cathedral). This Cathedral held a special place in my heart and was the main reason I wanted to visit Geneva. My father recently passed away due to a horrible disease called ALS. A dear friend of his lives in Geneva and before ALS took over his body he made sure to visit Europe. They stopped in Geneva and my Dad had a chance to wander around the city. A place that became special to him was this Cathedral. Stepping inside of the sanctuary was spectacular! We paid 5 cfh to enter the towers. The start of this journey begins with 157 stairs leading you to the top of the Cathedral where you then get to explore the Cathedral from above! It was amazing! You get an incredible 360 views of the city! I noticed that at one of the tips of a tower, a small rainbow was illuminating around the sun. It made me think of my Dad 😊

After visiting the Cathedral, we stopped and got fondue before finding the Reformation Wall. The Reformation Wall is located in Bastion’s Park. The wall represents the major events and important people involved in the Protestant Reformation. Bastion’s Park was a neat area for us to relax for a bit. As you enter the park, the first thing you’ll notice is the large game pieces for playing chess and checkers!

After exploring the park, we made our way back towards Lake Geneva where we admired the Jet d’Eau! This jet shoots water 140-meters! We walked along the water and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon at the promenade.

Day 7: Zurich –

Our last full day! We hopped on the train from Geneva to Zurich – our starting point! The train ride was a little less than 3 hours. We found our hotel right away so we could drop our bags off. The hotel we stayed at was the Hotel Du Theatre. It is located in Old Town so provides great access to all you’ll want to see in Zurich! We left our bags at our hotel and began to walk toward Grossmunster which is one of the most famous landmarks in Zurich! Along the way, we enjoyed the beautiful views of the city as we walked along the river. The Niederdorf is a lovely promenade with a lot of shopping and restaurants. I was fascinated with all of the stunning architecture this city had to offer!

The Grossmunster Cathedral was so beautiful inside and out! Similar to the St. Pierre’s Cathedral in Geneva, you can climb up the towers to get an amazing view of the city!

Afterwards, we crossed the river and enjoyed seeing all the sites! We spent the whole day just wandering around the city in “awe”.

We were sad to be leaving on our flight back home the next morning. Switzerland was such a fairy-tale country to visit! I hope to come back one day!!